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    Term Dates

    TERM DATES 2017/2018

    Term: Tuesday 5 Sept* Friday 15 Dec 1225
    Half Term: Friday 20 Oct 1225 Wednesday 1 Nov*
    Exeats: Friday 29 Sep 1545 Sunday 1 Oct*
    Friday 24 Nov 1545 Sunday 26 Nov*
    LENT TERM 2018
    Term: Monday 8 Jan* Friday 23 Mar 1225
    Half Term: Friday 9 Feb 1225 Sunday 18 Feb*
    Exeat: Friday 26 Jan 1545 Sunday 28 Jan*
    SUMMER TERM 2018
    Term: Monday 16 Apr* Friday 6 Jul 1225
    Half Term: Friday 25 May 1225 Sunday 3 June*
    Exeat (incl May Day): Friday 4 May 1545 Monday 7 May*

    *Dates given for the return to school are for boarders
    Parents should ensure that boarders return by 21:00 on the dates shown (unless otherwise stated by House staff) and that day pupils return for am registration on the following day.

    Absence from School

    If, under exceptional circumstances, parents wish to take pupils out of school at the beginning or end of a term or a half term, contact should be made with Mr Ian Wright, Headmaster, in good time preferably at least three weeks before the proposed absence.