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    Welcome from Head of Sixth Form Ed Long


    Our aim in Sixth Form is, of course, to get our students prepared for their next steps after school. In a challenging global and jobs market, a successful Sixth Form is crucial to laying the foundations for a successful future.  How do we achieve this in Pocklington Sixth Form?  By working together.

    This is our starting point in Sixth Form, and is central to everything that we are working to achieve. Sixth Form is not just a collection of Dolman, Gruggen, Hutton, Wilberforce, Fenwick-Smith and Faircote students, of day and boarding pupils, of upper sixth and lower sixth, of staff and students. It is a group that is united in working together as one so that by the end of Sixth Form, every student is ready to move on to wherever and whatever they choose to do next.

    This is only possible through hard-work, respecting each other, supporting each other, looking out for each other and sharing the inevitable challenges and successes that will come their way. As such, the partnerships that are built in Pocklington Sixth Form are crucial to students’ individual successes over the next two years.

    Knowing our students as individuals in order to support them to achieve everything that they can and wish to is the keystone. The support that is on offer to guide our sixth formers is therefore extensive, with its core as the house system. The relationship with tutors and House Masters will be vital, from the day-to-day conversations, to UCAS, gap years, and careers. It is then augmented by a myriad of staff with a huge amount of specialist expertise from Oxbridge, Medical and Veterinary applications to careers guidance, to being part of the community both whilst at and beyond school as part of the Old Pocklingtonian network.

    Moving on to the next stage will be a leap; a leap into the unknown, a leap of faith, but most importantly a leap forward. To make this transition as smooth as possible, the LEAP (Lower Sixth Enrichment for after Pocklington) Programme is there to give students a solid foundation for whatever comes next in their lives and also to support them whilst in Sixth Form.

    Sixth Form is not just about putting on a new suit; it is also about becoming a leader. By giving back to the school, whether as a School Prefect, House Prefect, lifeguard, mentor of pupils lower down the school, or organiser of house events, these responsibilities develop students’ confidence, leadership and organisation. This allows them to set an impressive example for those who will look up to them from the other school divisions, and play a key and fulfilling role in school life.


    ‘e pluribus unum’ – out of many we are one



    With these skills, our students can move on with confidence, skills and experience that will allow them to make a difference wherever life takes them after Pocklington School.

    Ed Long MA (Hons), MA
    Head of Sixth Form