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Data consent

Data consent
In order to stay in contact with you and keep you fully informed of PSF Careers & Business Network activity, we need to hold some personal details about you.
Please note:

  • Your name and address details will be securely held in the Pocklington School Foundation Development and Alumni Office. This data is available to the External Relations staff including the OP Officer and the Development Officer.
  • Your details will be used to enable us to keep you informed of PSF Careers & Business Network activities including the promotion of benefits and services available to Network members and notification of network events.
  • Your name, occupation and place of work will be published in future promotional literature about the Network. Your contact details will not be released to anyone without your express permission. Once you have joined the LinkedIn group, other Network Members will be free to contact you directly through LinkedIn.
  • We may also share your name and address details with a mailing house employed to post hard copies of our publications.
  • Once we have received this completed form from you, we will write to you once every five years to give you the opportunity to renew your consent.
If you would like to change or withdraw consent at any time please email kays@pocklingtonschool.com or write to The Bursar, Pocklington School,West Green, Pocklington YO42 2NJ.

Please read the following and tick all those you agree with. Thank you.

I am joining the PSF Careers & Business Network and wish to be kept informed of Network activities, functions, news and membership matters. I consent to my details being held on the PSF Careers & Business Network register and to be contacted by: