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Primary school pupils turn sleuths in CSI Challenge

Primary school pupils turn sleuths in CSI Challenge
three children with two teachers doing science experiments

Pocklington School welcomed 24 pupils from eight primary schools from Hull and East Yorkshire to this year’s Primary School CSI Science day as part of our primary school partnership programme.

The children were welcomed and received their briefing, outlining the case which involved the murder of local Mayor Mr Stan Dupp, before donning the hazmat suits and lanyards which they wore for the duration of their investigations.

Throughout the day, the pupils were tasked with undertaking scientific investigations and interpreting the evidence to identify their chief suspect. Experiments included a site visit to collect clues as well as labs experiments including analysing stomach contents and fabric fibres, soil analysis using flame tests, chromatography, blood drop analysis and electrical circuits to measure resistance.

Bethan Rees, teacher of Chemistry at Pocklington School, led the day and was supported by highly skilled and experienced members of the School's technician team,

The children impressed the staff with their problem-solving skills, keen teamwork, and inquisitive natures.

Jenny Preston, Development Officer said “The CSI day was a huge success. The children arrived full of enthusiasm to find out ‘who dunnit’. Miss Rees and her team worked hard to give the children a wonderful experience with the chance to find out more about the three Sciences. We were particularly pleased that member schools from the Chatta partnership were able to join us.

Tracey Levitt, teacher from Holme upon Spalding Moor School said ‘The day was fantastic, well planned and superbly resourced and executed. We were made to feel extremely welcome from the start and the children felt very valued. The day ran smoothly and was over all too quickly for the children. The attention to detail was evident throughout the day. A heartfelt word of thanks must be extended to the catering department who wowed our children with their delicious pastries, chocolate magnifying glasses and test tubes filled with sweets - not to mention the outlines indicating where dead bodies had been found in the dining hall and the blood hand prints upon the dining tables! Many thanks to Pocklington School for inviting us to be a part of such a fun and educational day!’

Toby Seth, Headmaster Pocklington School commented “It was wonderful to welcome so many enthusiastic young scientists as part of our outreach programme. Credit to the team who worked hard to provide an outstanding day exploring Science through the medium of a CSI day. This is a day we look forward to in our school calendar each year.’

The day was organised as part of a programme of outreach and partnership work with local primary and secondary schools.