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Phoebe gets a birds eye view for hospice charity fundraiser

Phoebe and instructor before the tandem skydive at Yorkshire's Parachute Club before the

Pocklington School Fifth Year pupil, Phoebe Anderson, is on cloud nine after completing a tandem skydive to raise money for the charity Priscilla Bacon Hospice.

Phoebe decided she wanted to complete the challenge in memory of her Aunt who died of cancer in 2017 and spent her final weeks at the Priscila Bacon Hospice.  Phoebe said: “This is my way of thanking her for everything she did for me and also thanking the hospice that took care of her in her final moments on this planet.” The hospice itself is currently fundraising to fund the building of a new hospice for Norfolk and Waveney.

After making the decision to do the tandem skydive, Phoebe set up a JustGiving page for friends and family to donate to the charity. Phoebe covered all the costs of her skydive with birthday money so that all the donations would go directly to the hospice.

Phoebe travelled to Bridlington to complete her jump at Yorkshire’s Parachute Club, Skydive GB. She had a perfect, warm, sunny day for the jump, which from going up in the plane to landing only took 15 minutes. Phoebe had no last minute nerves and was full of excitement as she prepared to go up in the plane and of the jump itself, she commented: “Free fall was exhilarating and then when the parachute came out, the view was immaculate.  I asked to have control of the parachute and spin it around in circles, which the instructor allowed me to do.  The landing was great too – soft, gentle and not scary at all.

Phoebe and instructor mid free-fall during tandem skydive

Phoebe found the whole experience great fun saying: “I felt I had accomplished something by doing this challenge and I was very proud of myself – I would recommend everyone to do it!

To date, the total donated to the JustGiving page has reached £765.00, which Phoebe is thrilled about and remarked: “Thank you to everyone who donated; it means so much to me and my family.

Please click here to watch a video of Phoebe's tandem skydive.