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Pupils and staff make science fun in outreach evening at local primary school

Pupils and staff make science fun in outreach evening at local primary school
Six pupils and Head of Chemistry from Pocklington School at the outreach science event at Warter School

At the beginning of March, pupils from Third and Fourth Year at Pocklington School, together with Jenny McDowell, Head of Chemistry, Bev Dewing and Sarah Davies, Science Technicians and Jenny Preston, Development Officer, visited Warter Primary School as part of the School’s outreach programme to support the primary school's Science Evening.

Eleven pupils were involved with running a series of practical activities on 'colour Chemistry'. In total the students shared seven experiments including painting different acid and alkali solutions onto filter paper, followed by an indicator to show a range of different colours, a microscale experiment to mix an acid and alkali with universal indicator to make the different colours of the pH scale, chromatography and an effervescent universal indicator 'rainbow'.

The pupils at Warter Primary School and their parents had great fun using a range of chemicals and apparatus, developing a further interest in Science.

Dipo Oni, Science Subject lead from Warter Primary School wrote "Thank you for the time you all gave up to support our Science Evening. Your pupils conducted themselves very well, and staff and parents have been very complimentary. The evening was received successfully and it continues to help us raise the profile of science at Warter."

Lab Technician watching pupil using science apparatus in a classroom laboratory

Jenny McDowell, Head of Chemistry, said, "It was wonderful to take such an enthusiastic group of pupils to share the message that science can be fun as well as educational. I’d also like to thank our Science Technicians who put a huge amount of work into perfecting experiments that our pupils could share."

Jenny Preston, Development Officer, echoed this "Pocklington School has an established history of working in partnership with Warter School. Outreach work is central to the strategic education vision of the School, and it is important for pupils to understand the importance of giving back to our local community."