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Second Year Pupils Showcase Academic Ambition at Inaugural Event

Second Year Pupils Showcase Academic Ambition at Inaugural Event
Second Year pupil with her ambitio project presentation

Last week, we hosted a wonderful event to conclude the "ambitio programme". The event showcased the research projects that Second Year pupils have worked on for the past six weeks, with the goal of highlighting that absolutely anything can become an academic interest. The inaugural ambitio event had an impressive turnout, with over 150 parents, younger pupils, siblings, and members of staff in attendance.  

The event was held after school on Friday 12th May, at the Art and Design Centre, with the projects being presented in a market stall format. The pupils' independent research projects were created through a five-step process: Think, Research, Record, Create, and Present. The aim was for pupils to take their own personal interests and hobbies and transform them into academic research projects.  

After their presentations to the Lower School Houses, it gave pupils a chance to showcase their projects again, but this time to a larger audience in a formal setting. ambitio's mission statement is to reinforce to pupils that they can be successful as long as they are enthusiastic, passionate, and hardworking.  

The success of this year's ambitio programme cannot be overemphasised. Mr Copley commended all pupils that presented their projects, commenting that "All pupils presenting were exceptional and have highlighted the great value of the programme. Pupils must cherish the memory of their success at this event as they move up to Middle School next year and start the challenging journey of GCSEs; when in doubt, remember what they were capable of here.".

Second Year Boys with their ambitio project presenatation in the Art and Design Centre at Pocklington School

The event also inspired pupils, one second Year student commented "I don't feel nervous about asking questions in my lessons anymore" while another stated "I want to do this for HPQ, when can we start that?" It is encouraging to see our students making such an effort to engage in independent learning and enjoying the opportunity to show their work to a wider audience. One parent who attended the event remarked "Giving kids the opportunity to choose their topics and create their own journey towards the presentation is invaluable in generating independent thought, I wish we'd done this when we were at school" 

We congratulate the Second Year pupils and their tutors on their ambitious projects.