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Year 2 Camp Out

Pocklington Prep School boy building outside den

Year 2 would normally have a visit from Forest Quest just before half term, they would have lit fires, cooked tea and camped out or in. For obvious reasons, this wasn’t possible at school this year, however, the pupils made up for it during half term!

Year 2’s were given a task to build either a den/tent, inside or outside. They first had to plan and think about the space it was going to built in, what made a safe place for a den or tent? What equipment they would need? They also had to write instructions on how to build it, using imperative verbs and time adverbials.

Creating an enclosed space is a natural part of children’s development – where they use imagination and creativity to test out ideas and improve on them, building resilience and a growth mindset. It also gives children the opportunity to make sense of the world around them.

And that was just the first step! 

Mrs Walton Year 2 teacher said “Some children slept overnight in their creations, developing their sense of independence and adventure! Cooking is also a big part of camping and it was lovely to see many of the children engage in barbecuing with the help of an adult, cooking over a fire and cooking in the home. There are so many curriculum areas covered by following a recipe’s instructions and weighing out ingredients. It is a really great life skill for children to learn how to prepare their own food and this can also help with hand to eye coordination and promote a healthy relationship with food.”

So, here are Year 2’s fabulous Camp Out 2020 photographs and some of their instructions for making dens or putting up tents. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! 😊

Year 2 Camp Out Pictures