The Old Pocklingtonian Association (OPA) was established by Sir Percy Simner over 100 years ago for former pupils of Pocklington School. The OPA has traditionally provided a link back to the school once pupils have left through long-standing sporting and social events and in more recent years through careers and welfare support. The main aims of the Association are:

  • To facilitate contact between former pupils and the school
  • To promote and support its members
  • To promote and support the school

As a member of the OPA, when a pupil leaves Pocklington School he/she will become an OP for Life. Not only will they continue to have the support and friendship of their peers but they will instantly gain access to generations that have gone before, both in the spirit of tradition and achievement and also in the tangible of social and career networking, support and advice. The OPA commits to delivering the benefits of choosing a private education long after a pupil has left the school.

Our alumni association has over 4,000 active members and offers a wide range of social, sporting and careers events and opportunities. OPs are encouraged to send in their news for the annual Old Pocklingtonian magazine and monthly e-mail news bulletin and to help us up-date contact details, organise reunions and offer careers support.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site.

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