Membership of the Old Pocklingtonian Association is open to all day and boarding boys and girls when they leave school. Lifetime membership is £390 paid via the school bill in equal termly instalments in the senior school until the end of the 5th year, or within the 6th form for those that join only for those two years.

Membership benefits include:

  • Regular social reunions and dinners both at school and at other locations around the country
  • Annual sporting events including rugby, rugby 7s, hockey, cricket, golf and tennis
  • Assistance with organising year group reunions and reconnecting with contemporaries
  • Monthly e-mail news bulletin
  • Annual ‘Old Pocklingtonian’ magazine
  • OP careers network
  • Careers mentoring programme
  • Social media groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • OPA website

More information is available in the OP for Life leaflet on the right. Click here  to download the leaflet.

The OPA is committed to providing services that support the interests and welfare of all OPs in line with the constitution. We are pleased to partner with Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation to offer travel safety awareness tips and advice. Click here for more information.

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