The OP careers network joined forces with Pocklington School to form the Pocklington School Foundation Careers and Business Network. The aim of the Network is to help each other thrive in a highly competitive world and, by working together, to help inspire current pupils, OPs and each other for life.

The Network provides access to OPs, current and former parents and governors, staff and others in the wider Pocklington School community for advice and support in a range of business areas and professions. This might include insight visits, placements, work experience, mock interviews, CV feedback, shadowing, or mentoring and is available to OPs at any stage of their career from undergraduate, postgraduate or throughout later life. The Network can also be accessed by sixth formers who need advice or experience to assist with their personal statements and university applications.

To find out more about the PSF Careers and Business Network or to join, please click here or contact the OP Office.

Feedback from OPs accessing the Network:

“It is a difficult industry to break into, particularly when you have no connections. I am so grateful for the help of OPs.”

“The Network helped me get the opening I needed to get my career up and running.”

“The Network helped me every step of the way, offering frank and thoughtful discussion on which career was best for me and connecting me to OPs in engineering. OPs advised me through the application process which resulted in an offer of paid work experience with a top engineering firm. I have nothing but praise for the Network, and I hope others will take full advantage of the services it provides.”

“I am very grateful for the experience and first hand advice about architecture I received. I think the OP Network is a great idea; not only does it provide a great insight to careers but also provides great links to help in later life.”

“This helped not only to cement my conviction that I would like to study law at university, but also helped me with my university application, in particular my personal statement.  It enabled me to write passionately and include first-hand experience. I think this is why my application was so successful and I received offers from all my chosen universities.”

“I have really enjoyed my time here and now have a good insight on where I want to be in the future.  I feel I could seriously consider a career in PR. The biggest lesson I will take away with me is that experience is invaluable.”

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