OPs Around the World

The Old Pocklingtonian community is extensive but we never realised how large until we put together these maps of where OPs are located around the world.

From New Zealand and Australia to Africa and the UAE we are spread all over the world and we would like to use this knowledge to be able to host networking / reunion events near you.

Whether you are travelling with business or going on holiday use this map to see if your destination houses any OPs and offers you the chance to meet up.

The OP office will always be happy to help you get in touch with people around the world.

See below the maps, just click on the pointer to see how many OPs are in your area.

The OPA is committed to providing services that support the interests and welfare of all OPs in line with the constitution. We are pleased to partner with Caroline's Rainbow Foundation to offer travel safety awareness tips and advice. Follow the link below for more information.

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