OP Christmas Drinks with TLo

Former OP President at Pocklington School Leavers' Ball

On Monday 14 December 2020, a group of 25 OPs and teaching staff from across the generations zoomed in for a virtual Christmas drinks event with OP and Pocklington School teacher, Trevor Loten (70-80), ahead of his retirement next summer after an incredible 35 years of service.

Trevor’s journey at Pocklington started when he was a pupil, attending the school from 1970 to 1980 before gaining a choral scholarship and studying Mathematics at Durham University. After completing his degree and postgraduate teaching qualification, he took up his first teaching post in Penrith, Cumbria, before returning to Pocklington in 1986 to teach maths. As well as Trevor’s sporting involvement, running tennis and squash teams to name a few, he has played a huge role in the school’s boarding community. He was Boarding Housemaster of School House and then Fenwick-Smith House for 12 years from 2000 to 2012, before moving out and then back in again a few years later as Fenwick-Smith House Tutor, a role he still holds today alongside his teaching duties.

The informal Q&A hosted by OP Liaison Officer, Rachel Dare, gave Trevor an opportunity to share his career highlights and reflect on his 45 years at the school both as a pupil and a teacher. OPs were also able to ask questions and share their own memories of Trevor, before Rachel shared a video compilation of clips and photos showing his fun side and love of the Bee Gees!

Amongst Trevor’s many career highlights were his 2007 fifth form GCSE maths set getting a clean sweep of A*s, school tennis teams reaching national finals, and the 1st V squash team winning all their matches in the 1987-’88 season. However, the most inspiring moments for him have been when he has helped students to do their best and achieve better results than expected.

Sarah Peterman (née Spencer, 88-98) zoomed in from America to pay tribute to Trevor, describing him as a “top class teacher”.

Former Fenwick-Smith boarder, Neel Brown (07-10) thanked Trevor for all he had done to support him with his maths GCSE and for being “a parent away from home” when his own parents lived overseas.

Screenshot of attendees on Zoom call

Several of Trevor’s contemporaries were also at the event. Charles Lucas (75-80) remembered sitting behind Trevor 43 years ago when they were both pupils together at the school. He said: “Congratulations on your stellar career, I’m really pleased to see you this evening and I’m glad it’s all gone so well.”

Former Head Boy Ian Nisbet (71-80) commented: “I wish you a happy retirement; you’ve given a great service to the school and you’ve been great for the Old Pocklingtonians. It’s appreciated by everyone, congratulations for getting through it and thanks for your dedication and commitment to the school over the years.”

The evening ended with a toast to Trevor to wish him well for his retirement much of which he hopes to spend on the golf course and tennis court, having more time with his daughter Emma (03-14), and watching his son Tom (06-17) play cricket for Yorkshire!

Trevor said: “Thanks to Rachel for organising this. It was lovely to see so many OPs of different ages, bringing back some fond memories. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to share many more at the OP Summer Reunion on 4 July, if life returns to normal!”