OP Cricket 2019

Old Pocklingtonian cricket team, stand in cricket whites  outside the school cricket pavilionAs a pleasant change to the usual format, the school and OPs embarked on a "test match" format for the annual OP match on Sunday 23 June 2019. This was to be played over 90 overs, 45 overs each team.

Winning the toss and choosing to bat first the OPs made 129 - 4 of the first 25 overs.

The school 1st XI replied with 114 - 7 of the first 25 overs.

The OPs with a first innings lead of 15 then made 107 in 16 overs leaving the school to make 122 of the remaining 24 overs to win the game.

With a cautious start and the fall of early wickets the 1st XI were unable to wrestle the initiative and finished on 85 - 9 of the remaining 24 overs, last man at the crease Will Wright defended the final 9 deliveries securing the draw for the school.

The Pocklington School 1st XI stand in cricket whites outside the school cricket pavilionThe result was a drawn game.

Playing for the OPs were: Chris Suddaby (02-10) (captain), Frankie Beal (11-13), Tom Hitchenor (11-13), Billy Risso-Gill (05-14), Alex Varley (09-16), Ben Byas (04-15), Jonty Atkinson (06-17), Adam Harrison (10-17),  Henry Bayston (10-17), James Wraith (08-18) and Tom Burdett (Pixie)

Thank you to the umpires: David Byas (school), Malcolm Milne (OPs, 55-62 and former staff 71-03) and David Watton (OPs, former staff 87-16). Thank you to committee member, Charlie Lambert (01-08) for his help co-ordinating the OP team.   

The date for next year’s match will be: Sunday 28 June 2020.