Pocklington School

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Academic Support

Academic Support

All pupils with Special educational needs will have their needs identified, met and monitored so that they can achieve their full potential in a caring and supportive environment, provided by all the pupil’s teachers.

The Learning Support Department exists to support pupils and promote achievement. We have a register of pupils with SEND which all teaches are made aware of. There are three stages to the register. Any pupil on stage three receives one or two extra lessons a week with one of our specialist learning support teachers.

Pupils on stages one and two of the register are monitored by the Head of Learning Support and their class teachers.  They can access help via drop-in sessions or by making an appointment with the SENCo.

Pupils on stage one are largely the responsibility of the teaching staff. Our aim is to be a compassionate and supportive school where staff and pupils work together to develop strategies to overcome difficulties. The Learning Support Department provides advice and suggestions on differentiating the work and how to get the best from pupils with SEND.

As pupils make progress they may move from stage to stage. Provision is always flexible and individually tailored. Pupils, parents and staff are always welcome to make contact with the Learning Support Department if they have concerns. Our aim is to help pupils with SEND become independent, achieve their potential and succeed in life. We have an excellent track record of this.

We also teach English as an Additional Language.

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