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    Boarding Houses

    Dolman House (Boys Year 3 – Year 9)

    Housemistress: Mrs Nicola Bradshaw
    Telephone: + 44 (0) 1759 321233

    Housemistress of Dolman House, Junior Boys Boarding House Front view of Dolman House, Junior Boys boarding house
    Two boarding boys sat on sofa in common room in Dolman House, chatting Three Pocklington School junior boarders reading a book in Dolman House

    Mrs Bradshaw worked at Dolman House as resident Boarding House Tutor before being appointed Housemistress in Sept 2017. She lives there with her husband and two sons.

    Mr and Mrs Bradshaw worked for nine years at an international boarding school in India, working with staff and students from 40 different countries. When the family returned to the UK, Mrs Bradshaw trained as a higher level teaching assistant, working with students who had Autism and behavioural problems.

    Helping students who have difficulties achieving in the classroom is close to Mrs Bradshaw's heart as her own severe dyslexia was not diagnosed until after she left school. She also has a diploma in counselling.

    Mrs Bradshaw served at a boarding school in the Midlands as Housemistress and matron, before joining Pocklington School in September 2016.

    Resident Boarding House Tutor: Mr C A Lambert

    Non-resident House Tutors: Mr A A J Copley, Mrs R E D Walton

    Non-resident Boarding Assistants: Mr D G Anderson, Mr S R Bradshaw, Mrs G Briggs, Mrs M J Pearcy

    Day Matron: Mrs A C Woodcock

    Housekeeper: Mrs M Blenkin

    Dolman boarding house is home during term time for up to 27 boys. The house, which dates back to the 1860s is situated on the edge of the school sports field. The boys make good use of this during their free time. They also have plenty of space indoors for relaxation and prep activities.

    Fenwick-Smith House (Boys Year 10 - 11 and Sixth Form)

    Housemaster: Mr Patrick Dare
    Telephone: + 44 (0) 1759 321211

    Hosuemaster of Fenwick-Smith House, Senior boys boarding house with his wife Front view of Fenwick-Smith House, Senior Boys Boarding House
    Three boarding boys playing pool in the Fenwick-Smith House games room Two boarding boys sat in a bedroom in Fenwick-Smith House, chatting

    Mr Dare, who teaches Modern Languages, was appointed Housemaster in September 2012. He had previously served as non-resident house tutor in Fenwick-Smith before this for 10 years so was well known to both staff and pupils.  Having studied Boarding and Boarding Management with the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) in London, Mr Dare is a Level 4  BSA Accredited Practitioner.

    His co-curricular interests include the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), particularly the RAF Section which he has managed for a number of years, he is also actively involved in rugby coaching and refereeing and over the years numerous pupils have enjoyed European school trips or French Exchanges which he has organised.

    Mr Dare is married, and Mrs Dare is the school’s Alumni and Development Officer. They have two children, one who is at Pocklington School and one who has recently become an Old Pocklingtonian.

    Resident Boarding House Tutor: Mr T M Loten

    Non Resident House Tutors: Mr A A J Copley, Mr J R Parker, Mr R A Wareham

    Resident Boarding Assistants: Mr J M Wheeler, Mr H Perham

    Day Matron: Mrs C K Burnside

    Housekeeper: Mrs S Terry

    Fenwick-Smith House is a modern purpose built boarding house. The house which opened in 2007 was a gift to the school from a former pupil Mr Brian Fenwick-Smith who was a boarder at Pocklington School from 1943-54.

    The house provides high-quality spacious accommodation for senior boys with a mix of single, double and three-bed rooms all with en-suite facilities. It is also equipped with superb study, internet, music and games facilities. Common rooms have comfortable sofas, Sky TV and kitchen facilities for the preparation of snacks (Main meals are served in the central dining hall on the school campus). There is also a snooker room and table tennis facilities.

    I am a day pupil but have boarded and I think it’s amazing. It’s fun being with your mates and I get all my work done. At the moment I am boarding full time due to my GCSE exams and I am getting lots of revision done – much more than I would at home. It’s very productive at the boarding house and teachers are always there to help when it is needed.

    John Wright - 5th Year Pupil



    Orchard House (Girls Year 3 – Year 10)

    Housemistress: Mrs Claire Hall
    Telephone: + 44 (0) 1759 321280


    Housemistress Orchard House, Junior Girls Boarding House at Pocklington School Garden view at the rear of Orchard House
    Group of boarding girls sat chatting in the common room in Orchard House Two girls sat on a bed in Orchard House, laughing and chatting

    Mrs Hall assumed responsibility for Orchard House in September 2018, after holding the post of Resident Tutor there for four years and having worked in both Orchard and Dolman Houses prior to that. She is also a Primary Teacher, and taught in Pocklington Prep School before the birth of her daughter in 2015.

    Mrs Hall studied Ancient History and Archaeology at The University of Liverpool, followed by her PGCE at the University of Southampton and more recently the BSA Certificate Course in Pastoral Care and Boarding Management at Roehampton University. 

    As well as her whirlwind toddler, Mrs Hall lives at Orchard House with her husband (and their significant collection of lego, model ships and teddy bears). Mr Hall also works at Pocklington School as History Teacher, amongst other roles. He shares Mrs Hall's passion for and dedication to boarding at Pocklington, having also worked as Resident Tutor in Dolman House from 2013-2015.

    Resident Boarding House Tutor: Miss E N Kendra

    Non-Resident Tutor: Miss H Young

    Resident Boarding Assistants:  Miss G A Hird, Miss E Robertshaw

    Non-Resident Boarding Assistants: Mr A Learmonth, Mrs S Saunders

    Day Matron & Housekeeper: Mrs B King

    The atmosphere in Orchard is positive, informal, warm and friendly. Bedrooms which are shared by 2 – 4 girls are modern and airy. Girls are encouraged to bring personal items such as posters, throws and a favourite cuddly toy to make their bed space more homely.

    The communal space includes large, newly decorated, Common and Prep Rooms and a modern kitchen. There is also a room which can be used for music practice or to watch films in peace. The house is surrounded by gardens in which the girls charge about, play games and sunbathe when the weather allows.

    Faircote House (Girls Year 11 and Sixth Form)

    Housemistress: Miss Cassie Thackray
    Telephone: +44 (0) 1759 321215

    Housemistress of Faircote House, Senior Girls Boarding Garden view of Faircote House
    Group of boarding pupils and House Staff sat on the steps of the Tom Stoppard Theatre at Pocklington School Two girls sat chatting in bedroom in Faircote House

    Miss Thackray was appointed Housemistress of Faircote house in September 2016, after working at both the Mount School, York in 2008 and Queen Margarets School, Escrick in 2009- 2016.

    Miss Thackray has studied Art and Design at York St Johns University and more recently Boarding Management at Roehampton University. Miss Thackray is currently sharing her home at Faircote with her little sausage dog, Maggie.

    Resident  Boarding House Tutors: Miss A J Chenery, Miss R Shepherd

    Non-Resident House Tutors: Miss L E Clarke, Miss B E Rees

    Non-Resident Boarding Assistant: Miss E Robertshaw

    Day Matron: Mrs J C Dowson

    Housekeeper: Mrs A Draser

    Faircote House is a delightful blend of traditional and new construction, but the facilities are modern and well decorated. Fifth Year girls are in two or three bedded rooms, the Lower Sixth share double rooms and all of the Upper Sixth have their own single study bedrooms. Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the House and there are desktop computers in the Prep Room.

    The house has two large Common Rooms where girls can relax – one for Sixth Formers and a newly refurbished one for the Fifth Form. Each Common Room is furnished with sofas and easy chairs and has a flat screen TV, Sky TV and a DVD player; there are two kitchens for the preparation of snacks and the occasional meal and a well-equipped Fitness Room.

    The girls in Faircote House are expertly mentored in smaller groups of mixed-age students by a dedicated Tutor, House Prefect and also their peers. ‘Buddying’ is put in place before a student joins the school; Skype and social media are used to positive effect to build confidence and to answer those important questions before arrival. The ethos of the House is to cherish individuality and to encourage all girls to take a lead in challenging prejudice and changing the world they live in for the better.

    “Boarding has prepared me in many ways – from interacting with new people, to learning to manage my time effectively – clearly useful skills for university and everyday life. Take the opportunity and get stuck in! It’s been amazing and well worth it! The bonds you build here will change your life forever...

    Faircote Boarder