Pocklington School

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Management and Responsibilities

The Foundation oversees the financial and day-today management of both Pocklington Prep School and Pocklington School.

It also manages the Tom Stoppard Theatre and supports the activities of the Old Pocklingtonians (our society for former pupils). The Foundation is led by the Headmaster who is accountable to the Board of Governors.

The Pocklington School Foundation is managed through:


*Mr T Seth MA (Cantab), Headmaster
*Mr P S Bennett BSc FLS, Bursar
*Miss C L Bracken MSc, Deputy Head (Staffing and Development)
*Mr M J Davies BA,  Deputy Head (Pastoral), Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr P J Donaldson BA, Head of Academic Administration
Mrs S J Hughes BSc, Head of Lower School
Mr C Braidwood-Smith MA, Acting Head of Lower School
Mr G J Hughes MA, Head of Middle School, Head of History, Government and Politics
*Dr S McNamee BSc PhD, External Relations Director
*Miss L J Powell MA, Deputy Head (Academic)
Mrs C M W Swann BA, , Head of Pupil Welfare, Designated Safeguarding Lead


*Ms S Ward LLB PgDip, Head of Pocklington Prep School
*Mrs S A Cobb BA, Deputy Head of Prep School, Head of Pre-Prep & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr J R Parker BA, Assistant Head (Co-Curriculum)
Mrs C L Sweeting BA, Assistant Head (Curriculum)


*Mr P S Bennett BSc, Bursar and Clerk to the Governors
Mrs J L Knott, Deputy Bursar
Mr A D’Arcy MIH Cert Ed, Domestic Bursar
Mr A P Clark, Health and Safety Advisor
Mr M G Partis, Premises Manager
Mrs S A Readhead PGDip DSBM AlnstAM Chartered MCIPD, Head of Human Resources and Compliance

Each school manager shares in the following responsibilities, duties and commitments:

  • The promotion of child welfare and ensuring the safeguarding of children.
  • The promotion of the aims, values and practice of the Foundation.
  • Involvement with, and interest in, the pupils of the Foundation.
  • Support for the boarding community.
  • Maintenance of good order and discipline including reinforcement of school rules.
  • Contact and involvement with parents, support for events and activities.
  • Positive and effective leadership of and encouragement to all employees.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Significant pupil and staff issues.
  • Foundation development including teaching and learning.
  • Operation of the Foundation.
  • Financial planning and oversight.
  • Estate development and oversight.
  • External relations.
  • Inspection
  • A member of the Critical Incident Team.

The Headmaster, Head of Prep School, Deputy Headmaster and Bursar attend full meetings of the Board of Governors. Most governors’ committees include one or more Foundation or School managers, either as members or in attendance.

* Foundation responsibility

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