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The Pocklington School Foundation

Pocklington School was founded in 1514 by lawyer and clergyman John Dolman, a visionary who understood the transformative value of education.

He established a guild in the local parish that gave support to the poor and also provided a school to educate and help local children forge a better life for themselves. Steeped in the values of courage, truth and trust, our school has continued those philanthropic aims and inspired lives for over 500 years.

Pocklington School has remained on its West Green site since its foundation. Pocklington Prep School was previously known as Lyndhurst School, the name of a large house on the Bridlington Road bought by Pocklington School in 1947 as a junior boarding house. By 1950 it had evolved into a junior school in its own right, with its own staff and three classrooms. 

Over time further changes were made: day pupils joined the boarders, girls were admitted for the first time in 1988, and in 1992 Lyndhurst School moved to its present site on the Pocklington School campus. It was re-named Pocklington Prep School in September 2014 and its Pre-Prep section now welcomes children from the age of 2. Boarding is still central to the life of the community, where we have boarders from 9 years old through to 18.

Pocklington Prep School and Pocklington School together make up the Pocklington School Foundation, a registered charity which oversees the financial and day-to-day management of both and also supports the activities of the Old Pocklingtonian Association (our society for former pupils). The Foundation is led by the Headmaster, who is accountable to the Board of Governors.

Pocklington School  Foundation is proud of its connection to our locality and is  committed to working alongside and assisting our friends and neighbours. We work with several local primary and secondary schools to support the academic and extra-curricular education of children in the area, hosting regular academic and sporting events, supporting staff training, sharing best practice, offering assistance with equipment and facilities and providing access to specialist workshops. We also run an annual public lecture for senior school students. Local schools and charities are welcome to hire our facilities at reduced rates, and a range of events are open to the general public throughout the year.      

The ‘culture of philanthrophy’ is central to the ethos of Pocklington School Foundation. Donations of time, money and expertise are generously given within our community to help improve school facilities, opportunities and experiences.  Our whole school community actively ‘gives back’ and seeks to make a positive difference beyond the school gates, with regular fundraising events including an annual Pocklington School Charity Week, which raises substantial amounts for local and national charities. 

We offer a number of scholarships and exhibitions to students every year, and a number of bursaries are available to external or internal candidates.  Sixth form bursaries may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 100% of the tuition fees payable (depending on the financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of applicants).    For more information, click here.
The School keeps a register of parents and guardians who may wish to be considered for membership of the governing body. For more information, click here.