Pocklington School

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The Pocklington School Foundation

Pocklington School was founded in 1514 by lawyer and clergyman John Dolman, a visionary who understood the value of education.

He established a guild in the local parish that gave support to the poor and also provided a school. Steeped in the values of truth, trust and courage, the school has inspired lives for over 500 years.

Pocklington Prep School, formerly Lyndhurst School, took its name from a large house on the Bridlington Road bought by Pocklington School in 1947 to accommodate the steady and increasing number of 8 year old boarders who were then joining the school. By 1950 what started as a junior boarding house had evolved into a junior school in its own right with its own staff and three classrooms for 8 to 11 year olds. Over time further changes were made: day pupils joined the boarders, girls were admitted for the first time in 1988, and in 1992 the prep school moved to its present site on the Pocklington School campus and began to thrive as a 7 to 11 co-educational day and boarding school. Pocklington Prep continues to evolve and flourish. Boarding is still central to the life of the community: our youngest boarders are 7 years old. In September 2010 Pocklington Prep welcomed its first intake of 4 year olds to its new Pre-Prep Department and in September 2017  three-year-olds were welcomed to Pre-Prep School for the first time, extending the provision of the two schools which make up the Pocklington School Foundation from 3 to 18 years.

The Foundation oversees the financial and day-to-day management of both Pocklington Prep School and Pocklington School. It also manages the Tom Stoppard Theatre and supports the activities of the Old Pocklingtonians (our society for former pupils). The Foundation is led by the Headmaster who is accountable to the Board of Governors.

The school keeps a register of parents and guardians who may wish to be considered for membership of the governing body.