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International Students

Welcome to our School

We are proud to have been welcoming international students to Pocklington School for many years.  We are accustomed to helping our international students become integrated into life in the UK; to how our school day runs, the food, our culture, social activities and expectations. This helps our international students settle into Pocklington School quickly so they can make the most of our first-class academic education and broad range of co-curricular activities.

We know progressing their English language skills is paramount to our international students.  The vast majority of our students at Pocklington School are English speakers from the UK. Our international students are immersed in an English-speaking environment which naturally encourages rapid English acquisition. Additional EAL lessons with specialist teachers ensure that our students make excellent progress with this crucial life-skill.

Our international students are committed, eager to learn and often speak several languages. They are valuable members of our community and Pocklington School is a richer place as we benefit and learn much from them.

Most of our students stay with us for several years, thriving in the classroom and enjoying everything our boarding community has to offer. Some do join us for shorter stays of one or two terms.  

Our boarding houses are warm and friendly, offering comfort to our international students who are far away from home. We welcome students from many countries around the world (as boarders and day students) and celebrate their culture and traditions, most notably at our international supper evenings where food from our students’ different home countries is created with guidance from the students, to be enjoyed by all. 

Whilst studies and preparation for the week ahead is important, so is the chance to relax. The weekends provide us with an opportunity to offer further learning with our Saturday morning enrichment programme, alongside our weekend activity programme which provides fun and relaxation. These are an important part of our boarders’ activity programme, which runs every week and weekend during term time.

We had chosen Pocklington School among other things for its down-to-earth nature and indeed it has fully lived up to it. Our daughter has benefited from the structured day embedded in an active school community and gotten more serious and disciplined with studying. Also we like to express our gratitude to the CCF Team for the outstanding and inclusive RAF cadets activities which have been an absolute highlight for our daughter.














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