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English as an Additional Language

Our EAL (English as an Additional Language) department is dedicated to supporting our international students in their acquisition of English; communicative as well as social competence, gradually improving confidence in their spoken and written English.  Studying a broad range of subjects improves academic English, subject knowledge and vocabulary. 

As well as assessment at interview, all students will take a dynamic learning language test on arrival to establish their current level of English, the result of which will determine which resources will be used to meet the student’s individual needs. 

Our students are taught by one of four specialist teachers in either one-to-one sessions or in small groups.  This enables the establishment of close and supportive relationships; lessons are tailored to suit individual needs.  All lessons focus on developing accuracy in speaking, writing and grammar as well developing listening and reading skills.  Our EAL department is dedicated to ensuring our international students achieve their full potential, not only academically, but socially, making the most of their time with us at Pocklington School.

Students arriving with us in Year 9 or below will follow the Cambridge Global Programme.  Those students will be given general language support to help them access the whole curriculum as well as developing competence and fluency.

In Years 10 and 11 the students go on to prepare for their IGCSE in English as an Additional Language, this counts towards one of their GCSE subject choices. 

All Year 12 students, and some in the lower years with a higher ability, will be prepared for their IELTS, which is an integral part of any UK university application.

Our EAL department also provides EAL tuition for students on our Pre A-Level course.  Students are supported in improving their ability to communicate effectively in English, an integral component of the course.  This tuition lays the foundation to successfully move onto A Level studies having thoroughly prepared them in general English, academic English and subject-related vocabulary and skills.

Students are continuously tested to ascertain their CEFR level and, depending on a student’s ability and academic pathway, exams can be taken in PET, First Certificate, IELTS, IGCSE EAL, GCSE and A Level.

As EAL lessons are tailored depending on a student’s individual needs, lessons are charged in addition to school fees.

Taking Chinese A Levels and GCSEs

We have several students each year taking formal examinations in Chinese.  Tutoring is on offer by a subject-dedicated tutor and taught in small groups.

Martina Flint – EAL Co-ordinator

Martina Fline Eal Teacher

Martina is the EAL Co-ordinator and a teacher of Languages at Pocklington School. Martina’s role is to support our international students from all over the world, helping them to develop their language skills and to become confident speakers of English, whilst adapting into the English culture. Martina works with a wonderful team of school based, qualified and experienced EAL teachers. Together they encourage our students to engage in English conversation with confidence and support the requirements of their subjects at Pocklington School. 

Following a Key Stage 3 curriculum, offering an IGCSE in English as an Additional Language as well as preparing our Sixth Form students for their IELTS, the team supports all our international students to achieve their full potential.

Martina’s role at Pocklington School is full-time, teaching all age groups and coordinating their progress, pastoral care, and timetable. Martina started teacher training as an EAL teacher in Germany before moving to England to complete her studies in English and Related Literature at the University of York. Subsequently, she completed a PGCE including teaching languages such as English, German, French and Latin. Since 2011 Martina has taught English and German in a variety of primary and secondary schools. Martina has a keen interest in playing chess and is also a qualified Chess Teacher and active player in a variety of teams in Yorkshire. Martina runs the Chess clubs in the Prep School and the Senior School as well as accompanying teams to competitions.

Being bilingual in German and English, Martina understands the needs and challenges of a language learner.  She believes that our international students have a lot of potential, and that high-quality, subject specific lessons in English as an Additional Language are crucial to support and inspire them to make the most of their time at Pocklington School and in their future.

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