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How to Apply

International students are expected to have a reasonable competence in spoken and written English and the ability to progress academically, along with the support of the EAL department and their teachers.

International students applying to Pocklington School will need to provide:

  • A completed registration form.  This will be issued to the person making the initial enquiry.
  • Copies of their last two school reports
  • A piece of handwritten English, telling us about themselves, their school, families and interests
  • A copy of their current passport or ID card
  • £100 non-refundable registration fee

Our Headmaster, Toby Seth, is delighted to interview all prospective students. During the interview he will ask students about their school, their hobbies, family and ambition to study in the UK.  An interview can be arranged online via MS Teams.

Finally, all students will be asked to take online assessments in English and Maths, this is via the Password platform.  Assessment grades are necessary in order to place students in the correct class/set.

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