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Pre A Level Course

We are proud to offer our Pre A level course.  A precursor to A levels, this course is designed to prepare students for their future A level studies through intensive lessons in general English, academic English and subject-related vocabulary and skills. English tuition sits alongside their academic studies which can include Maths, Sciences, Business Studies, Drama, Music, Cookery, Art, Games and British Cultural Studies, the latter is an integral part of the course to further immerse students in our British Culture.

This course provides a unique opportunity for students to develop the skills to succeed academically in the UK and to immerse themselves in British history and culture.  Our dedicated Pre A level tutor will guide each student through the course with the objective of them progressing into Sixth Form and studying their chosen A level subjects. 

Pre A level course students can take the Cambridge iGCSE examination in English as a second language, or alternatively may take PET, First Certificate and IELTS, depending on their ability.  Other qualifications would be determined on a student-by-student basis as they progress through the course. 

Steph Houlston - Pre A level Course Leader

Stephanie Houlston EAL

Steph is the Pre A level Course Leader and a Teacher of EAL at Pocklington School.

The Pre A level Course is a one-year programme aiming to prepare overseas students for studying for A levels in the UK. Steph has been involved in setting up this course and is responsible for its daily running. Steph also oversees the curriculum and liaises with the different subject teachers as to how best to support our students. Stephanie teaches EAL and British Cultural Studies.

As an EAL teacher, Steph helps to support our overseas students, teaching them General English, language and skills and also offering support where needed with their mainstream subjects. As someone who has studied and worked abroad (in France, Spain and China),  Steph has a good understanding of some of the challenges faced by our students. In addition, her knowledge of other languages (including French, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese) gives her an awareness of what it is like to be a language learner and the reasons behind some of the difficulties our learners have with English.

Steph has been teaching for 17 years with a wide variety of age groups and in a range of different settings. Steph holds Cambridge CELTA and Delta qualifications and a master's degree in TEFL/ESL and has also been awarded Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority (Advance HE).

Pre A Level Course Brochure

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