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Fee assistance case studies

Aggie studied in the Sixth Form at Pocklington School from 2010-2012 and was appointed Head Girl in her final year.  She then went on to study medicine at Queen Mary University of London and is now a Foundation Doctor at Barts Health Trust, London.

"I was very keen to take advantage of the academic and co-curricular opportunities available at Pocklington and was involved in so many different things, from helping with the Science Club, preparing for my LAMDA exam, joining in school plays and enjoying both athletics and the Combined Cadet Force.

Whilst I was there, not only did I have a brilliant time, but the skills it gave me in terms of time management and achieving a good work-life balance have been invaluable.  Looking back I see how it was fantastic preparation for life after school, and the work ethic it instilled in me enabled me to achieve a 1st Class Certification at Medical School. 

The fee assistance to allow me to attend Pocklington School was a life changing opportunity.  The teachers are truly focussed on the individual – helping you in every way possible to achieve your ambitions and become a well-rounded, compassionate individual."

Agnieszka Jakubowska

James studied in the Sixth Form at Pocklington in 2012 and went on to achieve a 1st class honours law degree at the University of York.  After completing the BPTC at BPP Law School in Leeds, he was called to the Bar by Lincoln's Inn where he successfully completed pupillage.  He is now a barrister in York.
"Since primary school my dream has been to be a barrister, and I knew that strong academic results and a varied extra-curricular record were essential if I was to stand a chance of entering into this competitive profession.  In making the decision between training to be a barrister or a solicitor it is also essential to have relevant work experience so that you can make an informed choice about which path to follow. 
I completed my GCSEs in a local state school, but the imminent closure of their sixth form confirmed that I would have to study elsewhere.  Pocklington felt like home from the first time I visited, and I was sure from the outset that it could provide me with the opportunity to succeed in my professional ambitions. 
The alumni network turned out to be invaluable as I was able to complete several work experience placements before I even applied for university, which is very unusual in the legal profession.  I am confident that had I not received fee assistance I would not have been able to go to Pocklington School, and I would not be where I am today."

James Reckitt

“My daughter has been privileged to receive not only a first class education from Pocklington School, but life skills that will benefit her in that transition to higher education and beyond.  She receives daily encouragement and enrichment from a truly exemplary staff, be that a teacher, TA or dinner lady (Jackie on the Pasta Counter knows what to give her, without asking!)

Over the years, I have witnessed at first hand the positive impact Pocklington School has on a child.  Turning these children who first enter the school gates, into well-rounded, wholesome adults, confident and excited to make their way in the world.  My own daughter has grown in confidence and intellect, so much that she is unrecognisable. From the shy, introverted young girl she was, to now be an accomplished young lady about to sit her final exams.  To say I am proud would be an understatement and none of this would have been remotely possible had she not had a most generous bursary to assist with the school fees.”

Parent of Sixth Form student

"I entered the Sixth Form at Pocklington School in 2018 and am studying English Language and Theatre Studies at A level and BTEC National Extended Certificate in Information Technology.

The opportunities at Pocklington are incredible and without fee assistance I would not have been able to make the most of them. Confidence is the biggest characteristic that has grown throughout my experience here.  I came with very little and I will leave with the belief that I can do something I would have said ‘no’ to beforehand.  This is down to the teachers’ belief in your abilities. Every teacher at this school will focus on a child and work with them to their own potential, whatever that may be. 

I always wanted to be part of lunchtime clubs and so I joined choir and musical theatre, which have sparked my passion for singing and performing. Once a week I visit a Primary School and get experience in the working environment, and I take BTEC Cooking so I have an essential life skill at a young age. All these options will lead me to the Primary School teaching career I want to pursue."

Sixth Form Student

The feeling I get every day at Pocklington School is very difficult to put into words. It may sound odd, but the best word to describe how I feel is 'comfortable'. Every day, I am surrounded by wonderful and supportive teaching staff who, as I approach the end of my final year, I have formed strong bonds. They've seen me at my best and, have provided help and words of reassurance, at my worst.

I am immensely grateful of what the school has given me. Beyond the bursary and the education, it’s the memories that I will cherish the most. Whether that be a simply inspiring lesson or a memorable trip abroad (Mr Andrew's Classics trips are THE stuff of legends.) I could never have imagined such opportunities before I joined.

To say Pocklington School has changed me would be wrong. Instead, it has enhanced who I am and how I foresee my life as an Old Pocklingtonian.'

Sixth Form Student

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