Pocklington School

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Boarding at Pocklington School

Our senior boarding houses (Faircote for girls and Fenwick-Smith for boys) are located on or adjacent to the school campus. Junior girl boarders move up to Faircote House at the beginning of the fifth form and junior boys transfer to Fenwick-Smith at the beginning of the fourth form.

Personal space

A boarder’s life can be both physically and emotionally demanding. Living closely with others in a busy community is exciting and enjoyable but everyone needs a break from time to time.

We do not organise every minute of a boarder’s day: this is appreciated by boarders as they mature and develop independence. Everyone needs time to rest and relax and they are able to do this as well as join in with the wide range of options on offer.

Flexible Boarding

Our boarding accommodation is designed to be as flexible as possible. Pupils may stay with us on a full time or weekly basis, or for just one or two nights during the week. We also provide flexi-boarding so, if you are travelling away on business or your child is taking part in extra-curricular activities and wants to make the most of their evening by staying on-site, you can be reassured that he or she will be well cared for.

A further option is ‘extended day’ boarding, where pupils can join us for breakfast before school starts and stay in the appropriate Boarding House until 8.00pm, taking part in study time, meals and activities. At the end of the evening, you as parents, can spend quality time together, safe in the knowledge that all of their needs have been met.

Weekday Activities

The school has a separate dedicated activity programme for boarders in addition to regular school activities. To keep up with what’s going on pupils need to check the calendar and look out for notices in school or in the house. Additionally there are open swimming sessions at various times in the week. The sports hall can also be used for various sports under supervision such as indoor football, badminton, indoor tennis, basketball etc. Additionally we have a popular multi-gym. Practice rooms in the music school are also available for use by liaising with the Director of Music. There is always plenty of time to just relax with friends.

Sunday Activities

The ‘Sunday Boarders Activities Programme’ is extensive and the many trips off site, which include local beaches, theme parks, the cinema, bowling, climbing wall, dry slope ski-ing, cooking, ice skating etc are compulsory for Prep School to third form boarders (with costs usually included in the school fees), but then become generally voluntary for the fourth form to Sixth Form. Boarders are also able to visit York or spend time relaxing at the home of friends within the day community. All boarders also attend a chapel service conducted by the Chaplain (see calendar for times) and parents and guardians are always welcome to join us.

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