Pocklington School

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Boarding at Sixth Form

Boarding can be especially helpful in the Sixth Form as it frees up time that would otherwise be spent on travel.

This means that students can take advantage of the co-curricular and academic extension opportunities that will help to give them ‘the edge’ on their university personal statement or in the international job market. Sixth Form boarding also helps individuals to enjoy greater independence and become more self- sufficient. This can be a big advantage when they move away from home. 

Personal space

Both senior boarding houses have excellent communal facilities but we recognise that older students sometimes need privacy Lower Sixth students normally share a room with one other, and Upper Sixth students have their own study bedroom.

Flexibility when you need it

Whatever Sixth Form students choose to do, we are aware that the demands of school, work, and modern family life are not always compatible so we have tried to make our boarding arrangements for both boarders and day pupils as flexible as possible.

Students may find that extended day boarding works well for their busy schedule in the Sixth Form. They would join the boarders for breakfast and stay at school as part of the senior boarding community until 8.00 pm, allowing them enough time to join after-school activities and to complete their homework assignments and personal study.

If our Sixth Form day students find that they have a particularly busy few days, with a school play for example, they can consider making use of our occasional boarding options to help them through the pressure point.

Weekends and free time

Living closely with your peers in a busy community is exciting and enjoyable but it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. Everyone needs time out, which is why students can choose whether or not to join in the boarders’ organised activity programme. This typically includes off-site trips for shopping, dry slope ski-ing, sports and the cinema. Sixth Form boarders are also able to visit York or spend time relaxing at the home of friends within the day community. All boarders also attend a chapel service conducted by the Chaplain (see calendar for times) and parents and guardians are always welcome to join us.

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