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CCF cadets showcase skills and training in biennial inspection

CCF cadets showcase skills and training in biennial inspection
CCF cadets performing the gun run on the school field

Earlier this month, the Pocklington School Combined Cadet Force received an inspection from Gp Capt Mark Leeming.

To begin the day’s events, an Honour Guard Parade welcomed Gp Capt Leeming to the front of School. During their introduction to him, Fifth Year and Sixth Form Cadets spoke about their fondest memories and favourite CCF training moments. Following this, a range of exciting activities took place throughout the afternoon, such as air rifle firing, gun run, paintball close-quarter battle, drone flying, and command tasks. These exercises allowed the cadets to showcase their skills and training whilst fostering team building and leadership qualities. The day culminated in a final parade where Gp Capt Leeming expressed his gratitude to the cadets and officers for his visit. In the evening, a regimental dinner was held, attended by the CCF officers, senior cadets and special guests.

The biennial inspection proved to be a superb opportunity for the Pocklington Contingent to demonstrate their strength, enthusiasm and commitment. The inspection was a great success and a true testament to the dedication of the cadets and officers of the Pocklington Combined Cadet Force.

Sam Hughes, Pocklington School Contingent Commander, said: “"Pocklington Combined Cadet Force has a long history and we are deeply proud of our achievements. Our officers work tirelessly to maintain high standards, an action packed training programme and exciting field days and residential trips whilst helping to grow our young leaders of the future. We are grateful and delighted to see this recognised as part of our biennial inspection."

CCF cadets outside, laid on grass holding air rifles

Pupils have the option to join the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) as a voluntary member from Fourth Year at Pocklington School. Cadets meet once a week after school, at a purpose-built centre on the School campus. Cadets can choose to participate in either the Army or RAF sections, each of which follows a disciplined core training programme, complemented by specialised activities such as basic field craft and infantry skills in the Army and flying experiences in the RAF.  Alongside regular training, cadets participate in field days, overnight training exercises, competitions, flying days (RAF only), and will have the opportunity to enjoy adventurous training and summer camp residential weeks.