Pocklington School

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Academic Progress and Results

There is a smooth transition from Pre-Prep into Year 3 as pupils still have the consistency of being primarily taught by their form tutor but also start to move around the school a little more to other specialist teachers, building their independence.

Pupils in Year 3 continue to benefit from a topic-based approach to learning, enabling them to delve into fascinating themes such as ‘Beautiful Britain’ and ‘The Ancient Eygptians’. As pupils move into Year 4, the curriculum becomes subject-specific though pupils still retain plenty of contact with their form tutor. In Years 5 and 6, a subject-specific curriculum taught primarily by specialist teachers provides excellent preparation for Pocklington School while continuing to inspire in our pupils a love of learning and a passion for independent discovery.

Pupils are taught in form groups for all lessons other than in Years 5 and 6 when Mathematics and English are taught in ability groups. Each pupil’s individual learning needs are met within lessons to ensure that all pupils are engaged and making progress. This is achieved through a variety of methods including support from teaching assistants.

We organise a wealth of exciting educational visits to strengthen learning and these are invaluable to our pupils, allowing them to make crucial links between their learning and the wider world. We strive to develop children’s higher order thinking skills and we are proud of our pupils’ abilities to tackle problems and challenges in a constructive and creative way.

There is constant communication between school and home so that parents are always aware of their child’s progress. Parents Evenings, reports and grades provide a formal means of communicating this information, however, we encourage frequent, informal communication through our homework diaries, telephone conversations or ad hoc meetings. We believe a strong home/school partnership is absolutely vital in a child achieving their potential which is why we ensure parents feel involved in their child’s learning. Regular formative assessment enables us to set relevant, achievable targets and the children are fully involved in identifying their own targets so that they have a clear awareness of how they can move forward in their learning. We carry out standardised assessments in Maths, reading and spelling in addition to writing assessments throughout the year.

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