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Our Curriculum

All pupils within the school follow our bespoke ‘Curiosity Project’ curriculum. The curriculum offers the opportunity to delve deeper, think critically and follow independent lines of enquiry.

Each class investigates a ‘Curiosity Question’ every half term. Each question is open ended, designed to provoke thoughtful discussion and encourage a deep dive into specific knowledge areas. For example, in answer to the question “Is conflict always worthwhile?”, students may work as historians, investigating World War II. Or, when answering “What makes a home?”, children could look at the development of British castles and act as architects to design new fortresses combining the best of castles from across the country.

Alongside the Curiosity Project, children also have subject-specific teaching in maths and science. Specialists deliver lessons in modern foreign languages, art, music, sport and computing. We have a strong commitment to providing all students with a broad and balanced curriculum.

Pupils are taught in form groups for all lessons other than in Years 5 and 6 when mathematics is taught in ability groups. Each pupil’s individual learning needs are met within lessons to ensure that all pupils are engaged and making progress. This is achieved through a variety of methods including support from teaching assistants.

We organise a wealth of exciting educational visits to strengthen learning and these are invaluable to our pupils, allowing them to make crucial links between their learning and the wider world. We strive to develop children’s higher order thinking skills and we are proud of our pupils’ abilities to tackle problems and challenges in a constructive and creative way.

There is excellent communication between school and home so that parents are always aware of their child’s progress. Parents Evenings and reports provide a formal means of communicating this information, however, we encourage frequent, informal communication through our school planners, telephone conversations or ad hoc meetings.

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