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Preparing for Senior School

Once our pupils have experienced the Pocklington magic, they rarely wish to go anywhere else. However, we still support their transition in every way possible. 

We believe that this gives students moving on to Pocklington a number of specific advantages: they will know many of the teachers and support-staff; they will understand and be confident about the routine of the school as well as having had early experience of the new subjects that become available at Senior School – particularly languages. Some will also have enjoyed the benefits of flexible boarding.

Progress to Pocklington School for Year 6 Prep School pupils is automatic, provided there are no significant concerns about a child’s behaviour or ability, which have previously been communicated to parents prior to the entrance examination date. If there are any concerns about a pupil’s ability, these will be raised and discussed well in advance, and suitable extra support organised either in school or at home.

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