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Academic Progress and Results

In Pre-Prep we have designed an engaging and inspiring curriculum, which motivates every child. Vibrant topics and enthusiastic staff make our classrooms an exciting place to be.

We have a skills-based curriculum which covers and exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum and has creativity and enjoyment at its core. In Reception learning reflects the demands of the Early Years Foundation Stage and throughout the Pre-Prep we believe in empowering children to become independent, enquiring and driven to improve in learning.

Numeracy and Literacy skills are a high priority. Phonics and reading are taught in small homogenous groups to maximise children’s progress in this essential aspect of learning. We recognise that learning to read is the foundation for many life skills and all our children follow a rigorous and successful phonics programme, enabling them to become independent readers.

From Reception onwards pupils are taught PE, ICT, Swimming, Music and French, by subject specialists in purpose built facilities.

Our staff lead a weekly Outdoor Education session for all Pre-Prep pupils where we capitalise on our childrens’ love of the outdoors in order to help them to develop skills essential for learning and life.

Access to specialist teaching and outstanding facilities offers every child the opportunity to find something in which they can excel and enables all children to achieve the highest possible standards.

Our dedicated staff involve even the youngest children in setting achievable but challenging targets and provide constructive feedback, which is crucial in allowing children to take ownership of their learning and motivating them to succeed. Age appropriate homework tasks consolidate children’s learning and invigorate children beyond the school day.

Children will automatically transfer from Year 2 to Year 3 though assessments will be completed in class similar as per external candidates wishing to join in Year 3.

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