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Outside the Classroom

In Pre-Prep your child has wonderful opportunity to develop life-long interests and skills both in and out of the classroom.

We encourage all children to broaden their experiences through participating in co-curricular activities and our staff share their passion for a wide range of interests, both during the lunch break and after school.

We also love to hear of pupils’ achievements out of school and share these successes in our weekly Celebration Assembly.

Clubs and Activities

Participation in school clubs builds on the creative experience, helping to develop interests and broaden knowledge. Choices include: judo, ball skills,  cookery, bangers and trash, construction club and orienteering.  


All pre-prep children have regular weekly PE and swimming lessons taught by subject specialists.


If parents wish, Pre-Prep children can have peripatetic instrument lessons and are encouraged to share their progress through regular performances to parents and their peers.

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