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Welcome from the Head of Pocklington Pre-Prep School

I always feel hugely privileged to welcome our very youngest pupils into the Pre-Prep at Pocklington School, and every child who joins us takes a special place in our hearts.

Pocklington Pre-Prep is an exceptional place to work and play and a very warm welcome greets everyone who walks through our doors. I believe the relationships children form with our caring and dedicated staff is key to their success and I feel proud to watch them thrive in our relaxed setting as a direct result of these bonds.

Our friendly and inviting Pre-Prep department sits within the happy Prep School building, where children from 2 to 7 years work and play in harmony with each other, building special friendships for the years ahead. I passionately believe that a child’s first years in school should be the most memorable, inspiring and exciting years of their life. Research shows that the early years have a significant impact on children’s brain development and on the adult they will become, therefore I feel it is an honour to be able to play a special part in each child’s formative years.

We work hard to ensure that every day in the Pre-Prep is fun-filled and action packed as we stimulate children’s interests through a thematic approach, inspiring them to develop a life-long love of learning.  I love to watch our children deeply absorbed in a topic, desperate to find out where their learning is taking them next; asking questions, solving problems and developing skills for learning and life.

In the Pre-Prep department we ensure that every child has an opportunity to shine, and our staff seek out and celebrate the talent of each pupil, be it in the classroom, the sports field, the stage or the music room.  I value our small class sizes with a generous ratio of teachers to pupils as I believe this provides the best learning experience for children, fostering curiosity, creativity, personal initiative and confidence.

At Pocklington Pre-Prep we ensure a magical start to every child’s education and, within our nurturing environment, the most wonderful opportunities await.  I would be delighted to introduce you to the staff and children who make the Pocklington School ‘family’ so special.  Please do get in touch to arrange a time to come and see us.

I look forward to welcoming you soon.

Sarah Cobb

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