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Welcome from the Head of Pocklington Prep School


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Children are born with an inquiring mind. They love to learn for no other reason than to join in with everything our wonderful world has to offer.

Choosing the school that is right for your child is the best way to enhance a life-long journey of curiosity.  I am proud to say that Pocklington Prep School is an environment that values the process of learning through creativity and inspiration. Whilst recognising that outcomes matter, and that children come to us to improve their life chances in every conceivable way, we also know that the memories of their journey with us will last a lifetime.  

The life of a Pocklington Prep student is varied. In September 2021, we launched our new Prep School Curriculum, the ‘Curiosity Project’, which sits at the heart of our school. Each class tackles a different ‘concept question’ every half term, looking to drive forward their own learning and knowledge in pursuit of a true ‘answer’. We continue to underpin these activities with the more traditional knowledge we might gain through maths or science (for example), but everything we learn is enhanced by the pursuit of an answer to our question.  Our children will leave the Prep School as knowledgeable and aware citizens of the world, with an understanding of the value of community.  

The evolving and responsive ‘Curiosity Project ’ curriculum is complemented by an extensive co-curricular programme. Staff strive to find what each child enjoys, fostering interests that may not have been considered without our support and providing opportunities to develop the skills of resilience, independence and reflection.  Daily ‘Skills Sessions’ run after lunch for 45 minutes, with each child having the opportunity to try new activities designed to challenge and inspire with children from different age groups. Additionally, as many opportunities as possible are provided for children to engage with competitive and non-competitive sport in a supportive environment. 

We are blessed with beautiful surroundings, superb technology and enviable class sizes, but our greatest resource is our staff. People love to work in our school, and it shows. Children are greeted with welcoming smiles every single day and are constructively challenged to be the very best they can be. Our staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and aspirational, encouraging collaboration and commitment at every opportunity. They are the very best role models children could have.  

Ultimately, everything we do at Pocklington Prep is based on our foundation’s values of truth, trust and courage which are in turn supported by nine key virtues. By placing these honourable values and virtues at the heart of our school, we know that our pupils leave us not just prepared for the world but prepared to make it a better place.  

Of course, the best way to experience the wonderful place that Pocklington Prep is to come and see us. I love nothing more than showing people around our wonderful school, so please do get in touch to discuss a visit. A very warm welcome awaits you. 

Ms Suzy Ward, LLB