Pocklington School

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Middle School 13 - 16

Whether established members of the school, or new to Pocklington, the Middle School team of Housemasters and mistresses, along with their tutors, aim to continue to nurture and nourish pupils academically and socially so that they can begin to make decisions for themselves.

There is no doubt that the middle years (Pupils in Year 9, 10 and 11) at senior school see students go through rapid change in terms of growth and  personal development. These changes challenge most students at a time when also faced with the academic rigour of sitting exam courses. The established links with families encourage the open dialogue so essential in working together to enable our charges to arrive at their GCSE exams prepared, happy and confident.  

It is a privilege to head the team that supports each and every child’s personal best.

Inaayat Hashim, Head of Middle School

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Teaching in English, Mathematics and Science  is in sets, based on ability. GCSE option subjects including Art, Design, Drama, ICT, Computer Science, Music, French, German, Spanish, Latin, geography, history, RS and PE are taught in mixed-ability sets.

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