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Outside the Classroom

At Pocklington School, we understand that young people develop their skills and character when they are given the opportunity to explore, create, innovate and work outside of their comfort zone.

We aim to instil our core values of courage, truth, and trust within the characters of our students by offering them a wide range of co-curricular opportunities to stretch and challenge them. It is about preparing our students with the skills and spirit to thrive throughout their lives and at Pocklington, we are committed to helping each child find their passion, nurture their talents, and prepare them for a successful life after school. 

Our co-curricular programme plays a key role in the all-round education we offer our students. On starting their journey at Pocklington School, each child is presented with the ‘POCK Challenge.’ The challenge invites the students to immerse themselves in at least one club or activity from each of the following categories: Physical, Outreach, Creative, Knowledge. 

In doing so, we believe that our young people will discover more about their capabilities, widen their skill set and round off their character to create confident, intelligent and pragmatic individuals with bright futures ahead of them. 

We have a huge range of clubs and societies to choose from and very much hope you take us up on the incredible opportunities on offer at Pocklington- both inside, and outside the classroom. 

Please click the links below to view the latest Co-curricular Programme and the Co-curricular Handbook.

Co-Curricular Programme

Co-curricular Handbook

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