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The School Day

Monday-Friday Academic Working Week

All academic lessons in Pocklington School will operate from Monday-Friday via a two-week timetable.  This means that pupils will have a different timetable in Week 'A' and Week 'B' but the basic structure of the week will remain the same.

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Break, lunch, games lessons, lunchtime clubs and practices will remain at the same time in each week. Many co-curricular activities and clubs take place during the lunch break and after school at 4 p.m. Lower school pupils (ages 11 to 12) who are not involved in activities after school but who cannot go home at 15.50 are expected to report to the Lower School Prep Room which is supervised until 17.00.

For further details see the Working Week Document below.

The New Working Week


Sports fixtures and the newly designed boarders' weekend programme are the focus for pupils on Saturdays.  Some trips, camps and rehearsals may take place over some weekends, which will be published in advance.

Fitting around family life

The demands of work and school are not always compatible: consequently, we offer families a choice of flexible arrangements designed to ease some of the day-to-day pressure of modern family life. These options range from after-school care and extended day boarding, through occasional, weekly and of course, full-time boarding. We have compiled the information in our 'Supporting families beyond the working day' brochure to give you an easy to use source of all our pre and after school care provision.  Please click below to view the brochure.

Supporting Families Beyond the Working Day

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