Pocklington School

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The School Day

Monday to Friday

The school day starts at 08.35 with registration and ends at 15.45. The day is divided into 8 teaching periods of 35 to 40 minutes with two morning breaks: a 20 minute break from 10.00 to 10.20 and a 15 minute break from 11.35 to 11.50. The lunch break is from 13.05 and afternoon registration takes place at 14.15 to 14.25.

Many co-curricular activities and clubs take place during the lunch break and after school at 4 p.m. Lower school pupils (Ages 11 to 12) who are not involved in activities after school but who cannot go home at 15.45 are expected to report to the Lower School Prep Room which is supervised until 17.00.

From the 2021/22 academic year, our school week is changing to support the School’s strategic goal of further improving academic performance, increasing pupils’ independence and meeting the needs of modern family life.  Led by Headmaster Toby Seth and endorsed by Chair of Governors Tim Stephenson, the new ‘working week’  will see pupils spending more time in academic lessons across a five day week, Monday to Friday, with Saturdays reserved for sports fixtures and a new boarders’ weekend programme.   For further details see the New Working Week Document below.

The New Working Week

Activity  Afternoons

One afternoon per week is set aside for co-curricular activities. In Lower and Middle School co-curricular activities are timetabled and introduce pupils to a range of recreational activities (e.g: signing; cooking; photography) as well as a comprehensive PSHEE programme.

In the lower sixth form student’s activities are compulsory but students can choose the activity in which they wish to participate.

In the upper sixth form participation in co-curricular activities is voluntary but most students choose to participate.


On Saturdays the school day starts with registration at 08.35 and ends after games at 2.00 unless pupils are involved in a school fixture. For these pupils, the day concludes when they have played their fixture and bid farewell to the visiting team or return to school from an away match. Sixth Form students who do not have a fixture may choose to go home once their academic lessons are finished. This format will change in the new 21/22 academic year. Please see the New Working Week document above.

Fitting around family life

The demands of work and school are not always compatible: consequently, we offer families a choice of flexible arrangements designed to ease some of the day-to-day pressure of modern family life. These options range from after-school care and extended day boarding, through occasional, weekly and of course, full-time boarding. We have compiled the information in our 'Supporting families beyond the working day' brochure to give you an easy to use source of all our pre and after school care provision.  Please click below to view the brochure.

Supporting Families Beyond the Working Day

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