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Athletic Development

The athletic development programme at Pocklington School is aimed at supporting all of our pupils who engage in the school's games programme and beyond.

At a participation level, all students have access to specially designed injury prevention warm-ups, sport-specific pre-season training plans, nutritional advice and upon reaching 16 can access the school's athletic development suite.

Some pupils are also selected for the school's strength and conditioning programme which looks to support our talented individuals across a range of sports. Currently, over 90 pupils attend coached sessions designed to enhance their co-ordination, strength, speed, power, endurance and flexibility to improve their performances and prevent injuries.

The programme is also supported by state of the art equipment such as GPS units, a force plate and speed gates and specialist coaches

The facilities, support and quality of training were awesome and amongst the best I have ever experienced. The sports staff were always available to help if I had anything specific to work on in terms of my fitness. The academic staff were very flexible and would go out of their way to ensure I caught up with work I missed due to my sporting commitments


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