Pocklington School

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Term Dates

Boarders Return:

New Boarders: Sunday 5 Sept

Returning Boarders: Monday 6 Sept*

Term: Tuesday 7 Sept Wed 15 Dec 1250
Half Term: Friday 22 Oct 1550 Wednesday 3 Nov*
Exeats: Friday 1 Oct 1550

Sunday 3 Oct*

Friday 19 Nov 1550 Sunday 21 Nov*
Boarders Return:

Wednesday 5 Jan*

Term: Thursday 6 Jan Friday 1 April 1250
Half Term:  Friday 18 Feb1550 Sunday 27 Feb*
Exeat:   Friday 28 Jan 1550 Sunday 30 Jan*
Boarders Return:  Wednesday 20 April*
Term: Thursday 21 April Friday 8 July 1230**
Half Term: Friday 27 May 1550 Sunday 5 June*
Exeat: (inc May Day) Friday 29 April 1550 Monday 2 May*

*Dates given for the return to school are for boarders
Parents should ensure that boarders return by 21:00 on the dates shown (unless otherwise stated by House staff) and that day pupils return for am registration on the following day.

To view the term dates 2021-2022, please click here.

Absence from School

If, under exceptional circumstances, parents wish to take pupils out of school at the beginning or end of a term or a half term, contact should be made with Mr Martin Davies, Deputy Head (Pastoral) in good time preferably at least three weeks before the proposed absence.