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Subject Choices

There are 26 subjects for you to select from in the Sixth Form.

We offer a broad range of courses which enables you to carefully select a programme of study which will play to your strengths and interests. Full details of each course are given in the  Curriculum Choices booklet below.

Curriculum Choices Booklet

Initially pupils are given a free choice of courses which the Academic Deputy Head arranges in a timetable to accommodate as many combinations of choices as possible.

In Lower Sixth, all students choose 3 main courses to study. Please note that if you choose the Sport Diploma, you can only choose 1 additional course due to the size of the course (equivalent of 2 A levels).  In addition, you will select from a range of enrichment qualifications which include:

  • A 4th AS or A level (recommended if opting for Further Mathematics)
  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Courses in Cookery, Counselling and Sports Leadership

In the majority of cases, enrichment qualifications will be completed by the end of the Lower Sixth.

Upper Sixth students continue with 3 main courses, leading to 3 full A levels or equivalent qualifications.  A small number of students, such as those studying Further Mathematics, may continue with 4 courses for the full 2 years.

Please click here for the Sixth Form Choices Form

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