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Sixth Form Welcome

Pocklington Sixth Form offers students a carefully balanced combination of challenge and support with the aim of preparing them effectively for their next steps after school.

Through nurturing our core values – Courage, Truth and Trust – in our students, we encourage each young person to be aspirational in setting their personal goals; independent, enquiring and self-motivated in their studies; and in possession of the integrity, resilience and compassion needed to become responsible young adults. Diverse academic and extra-curricular opportunities, coupled with a high quality support network of specialist staff, ensure that our students thrive and are well-prepared for future happiness and success in life, work and further study. In all that we do we strive to enable our students to become the best version of themselves.

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Choice and Independence

Sixth Form study offers students the chance to develop greater levels of independence and autonomy, by introducing a wider element of choice and self-direction into the structure and content of their study programmes. By devising personalised programmes of study from a wide range of A level, vocational and enrichment courses, we encourage and enable our students to refine their personal areas of interest and aspiration, enjoy learning for its own sake and be able to learn independently.

Structure and Support

Knowing and supporting our students as individuals is at the very heart of Pocklington Sixth Form.  All Sixth Form students, including boarders, are members of one of four school day houses: Dolman, Hutton, Gruggen and Wilberforce. Each house has four tutors who are the first point of contact for pastoral and academic support for each student; one of the tutors in each house is also a Housemaster or Housemistress. Tutor groups are small, usually 9-10 students, meaning that plenty of individual support and guidance can be given.

House staff are important figures in each student’s school life; they monitor and support progress and are there to advise, encourage and guide. When the time comes to apply to university or to plan alternative post-18 routes, they will help with compiling applications and with the completion of personal statements.  

The relationship with tutors and housemasters is vital, but is augmented by staff with a range of specialist expertise. In addition to subject teachers, our Careers and University Advisor is on hand to offer guidance on a wide range of post-18 options, with further specialists providing support with Oxbridge, Medical, Veterinary and other competitive courses. Our students also become part of the community at and beyond school as part of the Old Pocklingtonian Association and Careers and Business Network which can offer the opportunity of careers and mentoring support. These relationships help to ensure that our students are supported on every level through their personalised study programmes and towards fulfilling their potential.

Working Together

The partnerships with their peers that are built during Sixth Form are also crucial to students’ individual successes, laying foundations for a successful future through respecting and supporting one another, and sharing the inevitable challenges and successes that will come their way.

Sixth Form students enjoy the privilege of our Sixth Form Centre, where they can work quietly, in small groups, or in a more relaxed setting in specially designated areas which include individual work stations, an impressive café area and WiFi access throughout. Students value the opportunities to meet with other students and staff, working individually and together in these custom-designed spaces.

The Centre also has easy access to the Sixth Form Mezzanine in our school library, equipped with Sixth Form course resources and ICT facilities. Offices for the Head of Sixth Form, Mr Tim Morris, and Sixth Form staff are also located in the Centre to ensure that help is always on hand.

Personal Development

Sixth Form students are encouraged to take on challenges beyond their academic studies, developing their personal qualities and values by exploring their individual talents and discovering new areas of interest.

An extensive range of co-curricular activities, clubs and societies, and volunteering opportunities means that there really is ‘something for everyone’ – whether that is as part of our sporting, musical and dramatic programmes, our Community Action volunteering scheme, or through one of the many clubs and activities ranging from Debating and Duke of Edinburgh through to Engineering and Young Enterprise.

Sixth Form also offers students the prestigious opportunity to become ambassadors and role models for other members of the school community. There is a wide range of over 80 leadership opportunities – from School Prefect, House Prefect, Boarding Prefect, Subject Assistant, CCF NCOs, sports team captain, mentor, house event organiser or organiser of activities for younger pupils. These responsibilities and opportunities develop students’ confidence and collaborative skills, whilst demonstrating their commitment and allowing them to play a key and fulfilling role in school life.


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Head of Sixth Form Tim Morris