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Competitive success for Prep School cross country team

Competitive success for Prep School cross country team
 Pocklington Prep Cross Country team wearing sports kit stood in front of old school building

At Pocklington Prep School, cross country stands out as one of the most popular sporting activities, second only to hockey and rugby. The pupils’ passion for the sport has led to the teams achieving significant success in recent competitions.

Cross country running can instil valuable qualities in pupils. Along with the physical and wellbeing benefits, it can also nurture children’s personal development, for example by building self-esteem and confidence, working towards goals, and participating within a team and as an individual. These benefits are recognised at Pocklington Prep School through the inclusion of cross country in the PE curriculum throughout the year, and the co-curricular club which takes place after school on Tuesdays.

No matter the weather, the avid young athletes, aged between 7 and 11, are out on the school fields after lessons, pushing themselves to complete up to 2.5km of running. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to improve their performance and technique are evident. The sport has become Prep School’s most successful in terms of achievements, highlighting the commitment and effort Russ Parker, Assistant Head (Co-curriculum), has dedicated to enhancing cross country running at Prep School over recent years. Since the beginning of January, these young athletes have achieved remarkable success in the two competitions they have participated in.

At the annual HMC cross country event at Barlborough Hall, the U10 girls' team successfully defended their championship title, with the first three runners finishing in the top 10. The Year 6 pupils also shone in their final representation for Prep School, with the U11 boys showing strong performances and the U11 girls' team narrowly missing first place by one point, securing a proud second-place finish.

Group of children wearing sports kit and running on a school field

During the undulating cross country course at Terrington Prep School in February, the U9 boys’ team saw three of its members finish in the top 10, showcasing the talent of even their youngest runners. Esteban was first home for Pocklington and the youngest competitor in the entire competition! The U11 boys and girls both achieved second-place team finishes, with the U11 girls missing the top spot by just one point for the second time. 

Emily Kendra, Year 6 teacher at Pocklington Prep School and cross country coach commented: “These events highlight the talent and determination of Pocklington Prep School’s cross country teams across various age groups and the journey we have been on together in the last year.

She continued: “The children display incredible teamwork and support for one another. On a Tuesday evening the sound of clapping, cheering, and encouragement reverberates around the school field as the final member of the team completes their training. It's a truly remarkable experience to witness and illustrates how our pupils incorporate our core values of courage, truth and trust into their daily lives.”