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Outstanding GCSE results provide a strong foundation for Sixth Form

Outstanding GCSE results provide a strong foundation for Sixth Form

Our warmest congratulations to Fifth Year students who today celebrated an outstanding set of GCSE results giving them a strong foundation for their Sixth Form studies at Pocklington School.

The results are a fitting reflection of this cohort’s mature response to flexible ways of working. Pocklington’s values have been at the core of this group: Courage to face the unknown, the Truth of their own individual learning journeys, and the Trust in their teachers to guide them.

Students achieved an incredible set of results, with a fifth of all grades being awarded at the top GCSE grade 9, 39% at grades 9/8 and 59% at grades 9 to 7. There were some remarkable personal achievements; 75% of students gained at least one grade 9/8 and 41% achieved at least five of these top grades.

The breadth of the students’ success gives them a broad range of options to choose from for sixth form study; a third of students achieved grade 9 to 7 grades in at least 9 different subjects.

Inaayat Hashim, Head of Middle School, said: “I am proud of this group. They have adapted, co-operated, collaborated, learned, revised and communicated in ways that demonstrate what we are about as a school. What they have learned – above the grades they achieve on paper – will stand them in good stead for Sixth Form and beyond.”

Izzy Rowley reflected on her time as a whole, and the value it has added to her: “Having been at Pocklington School for 10 years, I am thrilled to be staying for Sixth Form, to try and achieve my dream of becoming a farm vet. I can’t wait for September, for the hockey season to start again and to experience life in Sixth Form. Pocklington School has given me a huge breadth of experience: Duke of Edinburgh, public speaking, debating, science competitions, maths challenges as well as the huge variety of sport. Sixth Form at Pocklington School offers even more excitement, with more independence, challenges and responsibilities – I can’t wait!”

Charlie Hutchinson, who is planning to study languages in the Sixth form, said: “My time at Pock so far has helped me to discover areas of study I previously had no interest in - I have studied many subjects I had never even considered before. Outside of the classroom, Pocklington has broadened my horizons and introduced me to a host of activities and I can't wait to play two more years of hockey with the school. And, honestly, the lunches are pretty awesome too!”

Jason Lau, a boarder from Hong Kong, said: “For the two years I have been at Pocklington School, the teachers and my friends have always been there to support me through the experience. The resources and community spirit at Pocklington School are indispensable for the growth of all students. As a boarder, I have learned to communicate and socialise with people from different cultural backgrounds and it has been an honour to meet and be part of this community”

Louisa Chacksfield is very much focused on the future in Sixth Form, saying “So far, my time at Pocklington School has been fantastic. I am looking forward to joining the Sixth Form, and studying the subjects I am keenly interested in. I feel that Pocklington has prepared me for success in the future through the support and opportunities provided by the teachers whilst maintaining an enjoyable learning environment in which students thrive.”

Toby Seth, Headmaster at Pocklington School concluded: “We are delighted to celebrate these results with our fantastic cohort of Fifth Year students. They should be very proud of their academic achievements, doubly so given the challenges they have faced throughout and following the pandemic. On top of all this, they have kept going with all their co-curricular activities and in doing so have developed into the wonderful set of young adults we see before us today. I am grateful to them for their commitment in so many areas of school life and equally thankful to their parents and colleagues here at Pocklington for their support of this magnificent cohort.”

Infographic for GCSE Results 2022