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Pocklington School joins the town in commemoration of D-Day 80

Pocklington School joins the town in commemoration of D-Day 80
Pocklington School CCF cadets, Pockington Mayor and Town Crier stood in Wilberforce Court for the D-Day 80 Proclamation

The Pocklington School community commemorated the 80th anniversary of the historic Normandy Landings on D-Day on Thursday 6 June. The day was remembered with a series of activities aimed at recognising and honouring the sacrifices made during the Second World War, and the selfless courage of the Normandy veterans. The invasion of Nazi-occupied France was the largest naval, air and land operation in history and it played a critical role in tipping the course of the war in favour of the Allies.

The commemoration events in Pocklington began at 8.00am when the Pocklington Town Crier, Tony Cuffling, delivered the D-Day 80 Proclamation, in unison with events happening across the globe. In Wilberforce Court at the front of School, the Pocklington School CCF cadets stood as the Guard of Honour during the proceedings, alongside Pocklington Mayor, Cllr Roly Cronshaw. Attendees of the event included pupils, parents and staff of the School, as well as members of the community.

Pupils stood facing audience in Tom Stoppard Theatre, to read the D-Day 80 poem

At 11.00am, pupils gathered for assemblies to participate in the national reading of the D-Day poem, D-Day Heroes, written by Roy Palmer, Chelsea Pensioner and Herald at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. It tells the story of the planning and execution of the landings and honours those who participated. Throughout the week, tutor time and assemblies were focused on D-Day, providing pupils with an overview of D-Day and the commemorations, and the opportunity to learn more about the day’s special significance from the teachers in the History Department. Pupils listened to the story of Lionel Arthur Roebuck, who landed on Sword beach with the East Yorkshire regiment 80 years ago, which gives insight into the challenges the veterans faced as they landed on the Normandy beaches.

Poster advertising Fish and Chip lunch for D-Day

At lunchtime, pupils were served Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas as part of a national gesture of support to the fishing trade, who fished the dangerous seas during the war, along with the men and women who farmed the fields to keep the nation fed. During both World Wars, the British Government ensured the supply of fish and potatoes to keep the national dish and humble meal, a boost to morale and these foods were among the few that were not rationed.

The commemoration of D-Day in Pocklington School and wider community was a moving tribute to the bravery and selflessness of the Normandy veterans. Major Sam Hughes, Contingent Commander of Pocklington School CCF commented: “Our CCF cadets and officers were extremely proud to represent the School and the wider Pocklington community in commemorating such an important event in our country's history. We gave thanks and remembered the incredible acts of bravery that took place 80 years ago. We will always remember.”