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Pocklington School pupils impress at Annual Latin and Greek Recitation Contest

Pocklington School pupils impress at Annual Latin and Greek Recitation Contest
6 Pocklington School pupils in school uniform stood in front of a school stage

On Wednesday 7 February, a group of aspiring classicists from Pocklington School, travelled to Loughborough to compete against other schools in the Annual Latin and Greek Recitation Contest, organised by the East Midlands Association of Classical Teachers.

First Year pupils, Erin, Reuben, Florence and Joseph, earned the bronze award for their remarkable performance in the novice Latin category. This involved performing a short play in spoken Latin. Their achievement was exceptional, being the youngest competitors of the day and narrowly missing out on a silver or gold award, against pupils two school years ahead.

George, Tyler, Thomas, Henry, Oscar, and Ben, pupils from the Third Year, participated in both the junior Latin and intermediate Greek categories. Thomas was highly commended for his performance of Euripedes’ Medea 365-378, which is impressive given that pupils up to Fifth Year entered this category.

Joe, Kirsten, Jack and Freddie, Fourth Year pupils, contested in the intermediate Latin category. Kirsten was praised for her interpretation of Catullus’ Carmen XIII.

Head of Classics at Pocklington School, Adam Copley, commented: “All pupils involved in the day should be immensely proud of themselves for their representation of the School, and their overall efforts in preparing for and competing in a ferociously academic competition against rival schools from across the country.”