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Pocklington School students excel in GCSE results

Pocklington School students excel in GCSE results

Pocklington School’s GCSE students have achieved excellent results, with hard work and determination resulting in exceptional grades. Although this cohort’s remote learning experience was earlier in their school career, they have shared all the challenges of the covid-disrupted generations and have just faced external exams that are tilting back to their toughest levels. 

Our students have much to celebrate and have more than matched the school’s pre-pandemic examination results with 42% of all exams being awarded the top 9, 8 or 7 grades. This highlights the incredible effort and dedication of both students and teachers alike. The support, encouragement and careful guidance of teaching and pastoral staff have been invaluable in helping our students achieve these excellent results and maximise their own personal development. 

Headmaster, Toby Seth, commended the students for their exceptional performances stating: “Our students’ unwavering commitment to their studies, alongside their eager participation in a huge range of co-curricular activities, perfectly reflects the holistic education approach here at Pocklington School. The two work in tandem to help forge the rounded and grounded individuals we are so proud to celebrate with today.” 

More than 10% of students achieved ten or more grade 9-7s, with 24% of students securing at least eight top grades and 30% gaining at least six. In particular, Freddie Woodruff stands out as one of only 125 students nationally, to attain straight grade 9s in 11 or more subjects. 

This year group’s science results are outstanding, with the percentage of 9-8 grades reaching record levels for the school - 91.2% in chemistry, 88.2% in biology and 76.5% in physics GCSEs. Furthermore, 12% of students gained straight 9s in all three sciences. 

Pocklington School is proud to support and challenge pupils with a wide array of abilities and talents and this year’s cohort has achieved exceptionally well overall and gained, on average, a third of a grade higher per subject than students of similar abilities. This ‘value-added’ is highly significant in the core subjects with students gaining a whole grade higher than expected in English language and the separate sciences, and more than half a grade higher in combined science, English literature and mathematics. This pattern is not confined to the core subjects, with positive ‘value added’ in a broad range of subjects including art, drama, geography, history, music and PE. 

Toby Seth concluded: “We are delighted to celebrate these outstanding results with our fantastic Fifth Year cohort and look forward to their continued success in the future.”    

Inaayat Hashim, Head of Middle School, expressed his pride in the students’ achievements saying: “As well as working towards exams, this cohort have made a massive contribution to making our school the fantastic place it is. From the sports fields to the theatre stage, to charity stalls and a plethora of other places in and out of school, this year group should be proud of the positive contributions they have made to Pocklington School.” 

The students can now eagerly prepare for the next chapter of their academic journey. 

Dalton was thrilled with his results, commenting: “I’m delighted that all my hard work has paid off and I’ve achieved the desired results. I cannot wait to begin my new journey in Sixth Form and get back to studying the subjects I am passionate about. The summer break has been refreshing, but I have missed school so much!" 

Carys revealed her happiness upon receiving her results and her excitement about her long-term plan to pursue medicine at university. "I couldn't be more thrilled with my results today," she exclaimed. "Now, I get to enjoy a little more freedom and independent study in Sixth Form, while also taking on some exciting roles of responsibility. I have chosen to study biology, chemistry, maths, and further maths at A level which will put me one step closer to fulfilling my dreams of studying medicine." 

Grace joined Pocklington School at the start of her GCSEs and says she has learned so much and expressed her enjoyment of the experiences open to her, saying: “The school has offered me such a wide range of opportunities such as playing in the hockey team during my first term here – something I had never done before. I look forward to moving into Sixth Form in September and studying my A level choices which will hopefully allow me to go on and study veterinary medicine at university.” 

student and teacher looking at a results envelope on GCSE results day

With the knowledge and study skills he has gained, Charles is excited to be continuing his studies in the Sixth Form at Pocklington School. He commented: “I have learned so much through studying the GCSE courses. This was helped by the extra support available to me, which meant I felt well prepared for the exams at the end of Fifth Year. Pocklington School has also provided a variety of co-curricular activities including CCF (Combined Cadet Force), debating and sport, which I have really enjoyed being involved with. I look forward to a fresh start in the Sixth Form.” 

Jake is happy to be studying in Sixth Form at Pocklington School after receiving his impressive results. He commented: "There's a lot of positives to studying here, both in and outside the classroom and I'm very excited to begin work on my three chosen A levels - English literature, art and ICT.” 

Flora showed great satisfaction and pride on receiving her results saying: "I worked really hard for my exams so I'm relieved and elated that I have done so well. Transitioning into the Sixth Form will be a new experience for me, but I'm eagerly looking forward to exploring the exciting subjects I will be studying, gaining more independence and enjoying everything Sixth Form life has to offer at Pocklington School." 

After receiving his results, Oliver expressed his delight exclaiming: I couldn’t be happier with my grades, and I have done even better in some than I expected. I’m excited about the new learning opportunities in Sixth Form and delving deeper into biology, chemistry and economics which are subjects that fascinate me.” 

Sam reflected on his time at Pocklington School so far saying: “GCSE study has been a lovely experience at Pocklington. The teachers have always been there for me the whole time, even giving me extra sessions in some subjects to get the grades I wanted. I am really pleased with what I got and I’m looking forward to studying physics, economics and maths in Sixth Form. 

Brad expressed how much joining Pocklington School during lockdown has benefitted him, saying: “Despite remote learning, the teachers were great at teaching the lessons and solving problems when not face to face. The best thing about Pocklington School is the people who I have met and the friends I have made.”