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Second Year pupils excel with their Ambitio presentations

Second Year pupils excel with their Ambitio presentations

Recently, we were fortunate to see the return of the annual Ambitio Presentation evening, which follows the completion of the Second Year ‘Ambitio Programme’. This initiative, which aims to challenge pupils to develop their academic interest and research skills, has been completed in tutor time over the course of six weeks.

The project begins with pupils identifying a research question or topic and then working with multiple sources of inquiry to research and answer their question. This teaches pupils transferable skills, such as research, analysis, organisation and public speaking, which they can carry through to their wider learning.

The culmination of this project was the presentation evening held on 9th May, where the whole year group presented their projects in the Art and Design Centre to over 120 guests, including First Years and their parents. Pupils presented in a market-stall-style, with guests circling around, so that they could practise their public speaking as much as possible within the allotted hour.

These projects allow pupils to develop their academic curiosity, whilst also forming a strong basis in research and presentation skills which will serve them well throughout their time at school. Pupils have a chance to develop on their Ambitio Projects with the Higher Project Qualification available to Third Years, an opportunity many pupils enthusiastically pursue.

The event was a huge success with all projects provoking thoughtful questions from the visitors and showcasing a diverse range of research. Topics included the history of athletics, competitive eating as a career, the evolution of interior design through the decades, and many more. 

Mr Copley commended all pupils on their work, noting that "The third year of Ambitio has been the programme's greatest success yet, it was fantastic having over 120 guests including pupils in younger years in attendance to celebrate the hard work of the Second Years."  He also commented on how proud pupils should be of developing their "public speaking and formal presentation, two skills which will be essential for them as they grow older and enter the workforce."  He added that, "We look forward to making the event even bigger and better next year."