OP launches web series to help tackle teenage issues

Headshot of Hannah Dawes

Hannah Dawes (01-08), Head of Learning for Life and teacher of Theology, Philosophy and Religion at Oundle School, has launched a new weekly, free-to-access web series, The Exchange, which explores issues facing young people in a direct, engaging and informative way. 

Hannah leads a series of interviews with influencers, activists and educators, to discuss a diverse range of topics which are linked to the Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) curriculum and pertinent to 13-16-year-olds.  The series tackles the big questions with no subjects off limits and has overarching themes of informed consent, decision making and empowerment. The aim of the series is to break down taboos, inspire change and equip teenagers with the tools they need to thrive in the modern world. With a reported 9 out of 10 teenagers in the UK using social media The Exchange aims to provide positive online education via social media to promote healthy offline relationships (Source). 

Hannah said: “It is my hope that the series will provide a valuable and much-needed resource to young people, will help inspire and supplement the work of PSHE teachers in schools and will provide parents, guardians and families with the tools and language to have these conversations at home.” 

Decorative logo for The Exchange

The series is hosted on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Episodes are dedicated to subjects including social media, revenge porn, anxiety and depression, unconscious bias, ethical fashion, body image, and coming out. The first episode went live on JoinTheExchange.co.uk and social media in September and focused on consent with writer and facilitator Nathaniel Cole and blogging collective British Bindi, who discussed the language and law around consent, as well as the importance of having open conversations. Hannah has recorded subsequent episodes with Radio 1 presenter Vick Hope, CEO of Ditch the Label Liam Hackett, Professor of Law Clare McGlynn, model Ambar Driscoll, filmmaker and speaker Max Stossel, Patrick Foster from EPIC Risk Management, and activist Emma Holten. 

For more information about The Exchange, please click here